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Am very sad to hear Ben Daglish passed away

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December 2014

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December 2004

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Do you remember times, when composers like Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway, Ben Daglish, Tim Follin, Jeroen Tel, Mark Cooksey, Jonathan Dunn and Chris Huelsbeck did magic on an 8 bit computer called Commodore 64, creating awesome chiptunes? Most of us might have sold this 8-bit micro by now, or it collects dust. But the sound of iconic video game music won't get out of our mind.

If you want to hear a chiptune on your PC or Mac, you'll need a player. For example VLC (Videolan media player), which you might already have installed. It also exists for Android devices. You can create a playlist for convenient SID listening on the way.

This webpage contains a collection of some of my favorite SID tunes, allowing retro gamers to download Commodore 64 music.

Although many companies faded by now I added Wikipedia links to them. It might be interesting to see if they still exist or what ever happened to these vanished.

Commodore 64 SID FAQ
Q:What is this all about?
A:This page contains music files used on the Commodore 64 home computer, which was famous from 1982 to about 1989. Still today people use this computer, either the Original "breadbox", or an emulator (VICE).
Q:So I need this emulator for playing the files on your page?
A:No. The emulator would emulate (behave like) the Commdore 64. You could for example play all the old games with the emulator. But the files on this page don't work with the emulator.
Q:What's your page good for then?
A:If you only want to listen to the C64 music which were used in games and demos back in the 80s you might download files from my page. Not only from the 80s of course. Still nowadays people create great C64 audio files in a quality and with effects you wouldn't believe it'll ever be possible back in the 80s.
Q:How large are these files?
A:They are very small. I think the largest I have is about 30 kbytes.
Q:Okay, I downloaded some of these files, but they don't play.
A:You need a player for your operating system to play them. If you have VLC installed, try open these SID files with it. They should directly play in VLC. Other dedicated SID file players might be available for your operating system. Do a web search to find out.

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Apecraze Mike Blackman Comm*Data Computerhouse
Artillery Duel ? Xonox
Benji Space Rescue ? Isa Software
Blue Max Stephen C. Biggs Synapse
Bruce Lee John A. Fitzpatrick Datasoft
Falcon Patrol Steve Lee Virgin Games
Forbidden Forest Paul Norman Cosmi
Jammin' Tony Gibson Taskset
Jet-Boot Jack ? English Software
M.U.L.E. Roy Glover Electronic Arts
One On One Eric Hammond (?) Electronic Arts
Summer Games ? Epyx
Adventure Construction Set David Warhole Electronic Arts
Archon Anne Westfall & P. Freeman Electronic Arts
B.C.Bill ? Imagine
Black Hawk ? Creative Sparks
Blue Max 2001 Ihor Wolosenko Synapse
Daley Thompsons Decathlon Martin Galway Ocean
Falcon Patrol II Steve Lee Virgin Games
Final Synth Sample 1 Rob Hubbard Rob Hubbard
Ghostbusters Adam Bellin Activision
Gyruss ? Parker Bros.
Jet Combat Simulator ? Digital Integration
Kikstart Shaun Southern Mr Chip Software
Lazy Jones (mix of all tunes in one) David Whittaker Terminal Software
Poster Paster Paul Hodgson Taskset
Seven Cities of Gold ? Ozark Softscape
Spy VS Spy Mike Riedel First Star Software
Star Trooper Clifford Ramshaw (?) Melbourne House
Tales of Arabian Nights Chris Cox Interceptor
Trollie Wallie Graham Hansford Interceptor
Wargames Paul Jaquays Creative Sparks
Action Biker Rob Hubbard Mastertronic
Beach Head II ? Access Software
Commando sid version 1 Rob Hubbard Elite
Cracker Mix Rob Hubbard Rob Hubbard
Crazy Comets Rob Hubbard Martech
Elite ? David Dunn & Aidan Bell
The Way Of The Exploding Fist Greg Holland Melbourne House
Formula 1 Simulator Rob Hubbert Mastertronic
Goonies John A. Fitzpatrick Datasoft
Harvey Smith Show Jumper Rob Hubbard Software_Projects
Hobbit  Neil Brennan Melbourne House
Hunter Patrol Rob Hubbard Mastertronic
Hyper Sports Martin Galway Imagine/Konami
Impossible Mission ? Epyx
The Last V8 Rob Hubbard Mastertronic
Master Of The Lamps Russell Lieblich Activision
Master Of Magic Rob Hubbard Mastertonic
Monty On The Run Rob Hubbard Gremlin Graphics
Never Ending Story Martin Galway Ocean
One Man & His Droid Rob Hubbard Mastertronic
Planet Of War Chris Hülsbeck Aztec Software
Rambo Martin Galway Ocean
Rock'n Wrestle ? Melbourne House
Roland's Ratrace Martin Galway Ocean
Scarabaeus Andromeda Ariolasoft
Super Huey Paul Norman US Gold
Swinth Demo Contains:
1. Theme from Stationary Ark - John Mills-Cockell
2023 the original theme from 1975 was posted.
2. Saturdays in Silesia - Rational Youth
3. Spiral - Vangelis
4. Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield
5. Closing Theme from Magic Shadows - Harry Forbes
6. Theme from A Clockwork Orange - Wendy Carlos
7. Oxygene part 2 - Jean Michel Jarre
8. Canon in D - Johann Pachelbel
9. Enola Gay - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Georg Feil
Thing On A Spring Rob Hubbard Gremlin Graphics
Transformers Fred Gray Ocean
Up, Up & Away Rob Hubbard Starcade
Uridium Andrew Braybrook Hewson
Wizardry Graham Hansford The Edge
Yie Ar Kung Fu Martin Galway Imagine
1942 Mark Cooksey Elite
Asterix & Magic Cauldron ? Melbourne House
Bionic Commando Tim Follin Elite
Bombo Ben Daglish Rino Software
Chimera Rob Hubbard Firebird
Cobra Ben Daglish Ocean
Comic Bakery Martin Galway Imagine
Dance At Night Chris Hülsbeck Markt & Technik
Danger Freak (intro) Chris Hülsbeck Rainbow Arts
Deep Strike Rob Hubbard Durell
Defender Of The Crown Richard Joseph (Orig.: Jim Cuom) Master Designer Software
Druid David M. Hanlon Firebird
Enigma Force Fred Gray Beyond
Fist II - The Legend Continues Neil Brennan Melbourne House
Flash Gordon Rob Hubbard MAD/Mastertronic
Flight Deck ? Byte Busters
Gerry The Germ Rob Hubbard Firebird
Ghosts'N Goblins Mark Cooksey Elite
Green Beret Martin Galway Imagine/Konami
Highway Encounter Fred Gray Gremlin Graphics
Holiday_Morning Chris Hülsbeck Markt & Technik
Hypaball Keith Tinman Odin Software
International Karate Rob Hubbard System 3
Jeep Command ? Argus Press Software
Knight Games David Whittaker English Software
Knucklebusters Rob Hubbard Melbourne House
Lightforce sid version 1 Rob Hubbard Gargoyle Gmes
Madness Chris Hülsbeck Rainbow Arts
Max Headroom David Whittaker Quicksilva
Miami Vice Martin Galway Ocean
Mikie Martin Galway Imagine
Mirror Of Soul Chris Hülsbeck Markt & Technik
One Night More Chris Hülsbeck Markt & Technik
Parallax Martin Galway Ocean
Phantasia Michael Winterberg Speedy Sound Systems
Ping Pong Martin Galway Imagine
Prima Ballerina Michael Winterberg Speedi Systems
Sacred Armour of Antiriad Richard Joseph Palace
Sanxion Rob Hubbard Thalamus
Shades Chris Hülsbeck Markt & Technik
Ski Dance Chris Hülsbeck Markt & Technik
Starglider ? Rainbird
Storm David Whittaker Mastertronic
Synth Dive Michael Winterberg Michael Winterberg
The Chicken Song Rob Hubbard Rob Hubbard
Terra Cresta Martin Galway Imagine
Trap Ben Daglish Alligata
Warhawk Rob Hubbard Firebird
Zoids Rob Hubbard Martech
Zynaps Steve Turner Hewson
Action Force ? Virgin Games
Agent X II: The Mad Profs Tim Follin Mastertronic
Airborne Ranger Ken Legace MicroProse
Arkanoid Martin Galway Ocean
Auf Wiedersehen Monty Rob Hubbard & Ben Daglish Gremlin Graphics
Bad Cat Chris Hülsbeck Rainbow Arts
Blazer David Whittaker Nexus
BMX_Kidz Rob Hubbard & Jori Olkkonen Firebird
Bubble Bobble Peter Clarke Firebird
Bulldog Ben Daglish Gremlin Graphics
California Games Chriss Grigg, Gil Freeman Epyx
Chip Wars Chris Huesbeck Time Warp Productions
Delta Rob Hubbard Thalamus
Delta Mix-E-Load Rob Hubbard Thalamus
Dragon's Lair Part II Rob Hubbard Software_Projects
Enlightenment Druid II David M. Hanlon Firebird
Future Knight Ben Daglish Gremlin Graphics
Game Over Martin Galway Imagine
Hades Nebula Ben Daglish Nexus
Hunter's Moon Matt Gray Thalamus
I-Ball Rob Hubbard Firebird
Jinks Chris Hülsbeck Rainbow Arts
Last Ninja Ben Daglish & Anthony Lees System 3
Madonna Mix Jeroen Tel Helmod Cracking Service
Mega Apocalypse Rob Hubbard Martech
Mutants Fred Gray Ocean
Noisy Pillars Jeroen Tel Maniacs of Noise
Ocean Loader Martin Galway Ocean
Pac Land Jason Brooke Quicksilva/Namco
Saboteur II Rob Hubbard Durell
Shockway Rider Rob Hubbard FTL
Skate Or Die (Intro) Rob Hubbard Electronic Arts
Slapfigh.sid Martin Galway Imagine
Space Harrier Mark Cooksey Elite
The Antics, Chip War Chris Hülsbeck Time Warp Productions Productions
The Baby Of Can Guru Chris Hülsbeck Elite
The Great Giana Sisters Chris Hülsbeck Time Warp Productions Productions
Think Twice III Jeroen Kimmel (Red) The Judges
To Be On Top Chris Hülsbeck Rainbow Arts
Thundercats Rob Hubbard Elite
Thunderforce Johannes Bjerregaard Rack-It/Peer Soft
Wizard Warz Ben Daglish Canvas/GO!
Wizball Martin Galway Ocean
Yie Ar Kung Fu II Martin Galway Imagine
Airwolf Charles Deenen Manicas Of Noise
Armalyte Martin Walker Thalamus
Artura Ben Daglish Sentient Software
Bard's Tale III - Thief Of Fate Kurt Heiden Interplay Productions
Bionic Commando Tim Follin Capcom
Cybernoid Maniacs of Noise Hewson
Cybernoid II Maniacs Of Noise Hewson
Deflektor Ben Daglish Gremlin Graphics
Driller Matt Gray Incentive Software
Fist+ ? Firebird
Grand Prix Circuit Kris Hatlelid Accolade
Hard'n Heavy Chris Hülsbeck reLINE Software
Katakis Chris Hülsbeck Rainbow Arts
Last Ninja 2 Matt Gray System 3
Music Demo Version 1 Tim Follin Software Creations
Nineteen Rob Hubbard Cascade
Outrun Jeoren Tel Maniacs Of Noise
Pac Mania Ben Daglish Grandslam
Pandora Rob Hubbard Soft DesignFirebird
Platoon Jonathan Dunn Ocean
Rainbow Dragon Hagar Firebird
Robocop Jonathan Dunn Ocean
Slaine David Whittaker Martech
Soldier Of Light Maniacs Of Noise Reptilia Design
Starball Chris Hülsbeck> Rainbow Arts
Storm Warrior Mark Cooksey Elite
Times_of_Lore Martin Galway Origin
Zybex Adam Gilmore Zeppelin Games
Actionball ? Magic Disc
After The War Charles Deenen/Maniacs Of Noise
Aidon Apocalypse Christian Scholz Haip Creations
Church Thomas Mogensen Vibrants
Crest Rules Chris Ammermueller Beat Machine
DNA Warrior Thomas Petersen & K.Christensen Flexible Arts/Artronics
Double Dragon Charles Deenen Melbourne House
Ghouls'n Ghosts Tim Follin US Gold
Grand Monster Slam Chris Hülsbeck Golden Goblins
Hollywood Poker Pro Chris Hülsbeck reLINE Software
Housy Chris Hülsbeck Chris Hülsbeck
Mission Impossibubble Neil Baldwin Hewson
Oxxonian Chris Hülsbeck Time Warp Productions
Quadrophenia Chris Hülsbeck A.U.D.I.O.S.
Physician Reyn Ouwehand Reyn Ouwehand
Recovery Lars Hoff Prosonix
Shinobi ? Virgin Games/Sega
Spherical Chris Hülsbeck & Ramiro Vaca Rainbow Arts
Startrash Ramiro Vaca & Chris Hülsbeck Rainbow Arts
Turbo Outrun Jeroen Tel / Maniacs Of Noise US Gold
X-Out Michael Hendriks Rainbow Arts
Cyber Blocks Adam Bulka & Hendriks Double Density
Chordian Jens-Christian Huus Vibrants
Dragon Breed Martin Walker Activision
Last Ninja Remix Reyn Ouwehand & Anthony Lees System 3
P-47 Freedom Fighter Dave Lowe (Uncle Art) Firebird
Gem' X Chris Hülsbeck Kaiko/Demonware
Get The Witness Richard Rinn (Deek) Vibrants
Last Ninja 3 Reyn Ouwehand System 3
Gauntlet III Tim & Geoff Follin Imagine
S_Tune The Dungeon Master Triad
Blasphemy Juha-Matti Hilpinen Side B
Fresh Jive Alexander Roetzch Bass/Oxyron
Mystical Sounds ECO Excess
SYS4096 AMJ Side B
Desert Queen Ari Yliaho Scallop
Hypnodrome Alexander Ney Tempest
Klanghammer Alexander Ney Tempest
Flat Beat Tomasz Szymczak (Randy) Fraction
Mountain Breeze mITCH & dANE Hewson
End mITCH & dANE Crest
Abyss Game 2 Matthias Hartung The Syndrom
Yes Comment Tomas Danko Tomas Danko

I took the year, title and copyright dates from the tunes. I don't know if they are correct.

The emulator is NOT for these SID files above!

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